Aalok Wadhwa

Aalok is a management professional with 27 years of experience. An Economics (Honours) graduate from St. Stephen's College, and an MBA from IIM Bangalore, he started his career with Cadbury's. His work has taken him to many a food haven around the world. 

He is an ardent foodie and have been regularly blogging for some years now. He has been writing for mainstream media, has written a book called ‘The Global Foodie’ with Popular Prakashan, and another one under print form the Times of India. 

Restaurant: Sassy Begum

Some great, some disappointing Hyderabadi dishes

19th February 2020
Restaurant: Carnatic Cafe

Totally out of tune

10th February 2020
Restaurant: Little Saigon

Delicious Vietnamese Pho and Banh Mi

5th January 2020
Restaurant: Gung The Palace

Awesome way to end 2019!

31st December 2019
Restaurant: Karim's

Mixed bag at Karims

5th December 2019
Restaurant: Friend’s Restaurant

Awesome Hot Pot!

21st November 2019
Restaurant: Pablo – The Food Cartel

Café with Competent Food and Good Coffee

26th October 2019
Restaurant: Farmer’s Kitchen

Delicious Middle Eastern Kabobs

18th October 2019
Restaurant: China Garden

Amazing Chinese !

10th October 2019
Restaurant: Oishii Wok

Promising Asian

10th September 2019
Restaurant: Savya Rasa

Disappointing, overpriced food !

14th August 2019
Restaurant: Hahns Kitchen

How the mighty have fallen!

19th July 2019
Restaurant: Fort Cochin Restaurant

Superb Seafood!

18th July 2019
Restaurant: Kasturi

Bangladesh on a Plate

30th June 2019
Restaurant: Coco Palm

Dravidian Delights

14th June 2019
Restaurant: Illuminati

Great Food, Great Ambience

8th June 2019
Restaurant: Pizzaiolo

Delicious Pizza, Delicious Price

14th May 2019
Restaurant: CinCin

Mamma Mia Good!

12th May 2019
Restaurant: Cicchetti by Mr Beans

Mixed Bag

27th April 2019
Restaurant: Golden Joy

Delicious Indian Chinese Food

27th April 2019
Restaurant: Guru

Delicious Highway Food

15th April 2019
Restaurant: Chez Francis

Fascinating taste of Pondicherry creole cuisine!

14th April 2019
Restaurant: Little.Big

Parent Heaven!

7th March 2019
Restaurant: Tappa

Interesting modern-ish Indian cuisine

28th February 2019
Restaurant: Odisha Hotel

Good Food, Great Crab

23rd February 2019
Restaurant: Dalma

Decent Odiya thalis

22nd February 2019
Restaurant: Unplugged Courtyard

Great Location, Hit and Miss Food

19th February 2019
Restaurant: Paragon Restaurant

An 80-year-old marvel!

18th February 2019
Restaurant: Blue Nile

Beef Biryani at its best!

17th February 2019
Restaurant: Mangala Bar and Restaurant

Great Mangalorean Catholic Food!

5th February 2019
Restaurant: TCK By The China Kitchen

Delicious Duck and then more…..

2nd February 2019
Restaurant: New Church Side

Delicious Coorg!

2nd February 2019
Restaurant: Monsoon

Ethnic Indian cuisine at its best!

22nd January 2019
Restaurant: Shophouse by Kylin

Of Sizzling Hot Bowls and Mulled Wine

3rd January 2019
Restaurant: Black Sheep Bistro

Fabulous on all fronts!

31st December 2018
Restaurant: Olive, Goa

Great Location, Competent Food, Poor Service

30th December 2018
Restaurant: Gam's Delicacy

Heady Flavours of Assam

29th December 2018
Restaurant: 6 Ballygunge Place

Food to die for!

15th December 2018
Restaurant: Dhaba - Estd 1986 Delhi

Pind Diya Gallian Festival - Honest, Down to Earth Food

29th November 2018
Restaurant: Rasrang Misal


25th November 2018
Restaurant: Spice Goa

World’s Best Goan Fish Thali

24th November 2018
Restaurant: Ritz Classic - Gymkhana

Lacks the Ritz Classic Magic

17th November 2018
Restaurant: OLLY - Olive's All Day Cafe & Bar

Healthy, Tasty

10th November 2018
Restaurant: Koshy's

Still good….well mostly!

28th October 2018
Restaurant: O Pedro

Gourmet Goan!

13th October 2018
Restaurant: Villa Maya

The Shining Culinary Star of Travancore

6th October 2018
Restaurant: Annamaya

Incompetent, Unimpressive Food

29th September 2018
Restaurant: The Trial Box

Good Food at Good Prices

18th September 2018
Restaurant: The Glass House

Super Steak !

17th September 2018
Restaurant: Wok A Noodle

At last I find authentic Pho!

1st September 2018
Restaurant: Kiyan - The Roseate

Some Amazing Dishes!

29th August 2018
Restaurant: Gung The Palace

A Tasty Healthy Lunch!

13th August 2018
Restaurant: Dhaba - Estd 1986 Delhi

Changing Face of Today’s Dhabas

26th July 2018
Restaurant: Hahns Kitchen

Korea Beyond Kimchi

23rd July 2018
Restaurant: Daikichi

Authentic Japanese Experience

3rd July 2018
Restaurant: Burma Burma

A Thingyan (New Year) feast

19th June 2018
Restaurant: Pluck

Great Food, Great Plating!

26th May 2018
Restaurant: Pra Pra Prank

Fun Food!

19th May 2018
Restaurant: Triple8

Impressive Asian Fare

12th May 2018
Restaurant: Punjab Grill

Punjabi Posh

5th May 2018
Restaurant: YouMee

Of Manga, Sashimi and Dynamite Shrimps

21st April 2018
Restaurant: The Kylin Experience

Amazing Asia

18th April 2018
Restaurant: Zambar

Coastal Delights

22nd March 2018
Restaurant: Foodies Gourmet Kitchen

Honest to Goodness Food!

12th March 2018
Restaurant: Culinaire

Delicious Thai Food!

9th March 2018
Restaurant: Sea Inn – Murali Miltry Hotel

Amazing Fish!

25th February 2018
Restaurant: Raju Gaari Dhaba

OMG Food

24th February 2018
Restaurant: Friend’s Restaurant

Foodie Heaven for authentic Chinese

14th February 2018
Restaurant: Artusi


13th February 2018
Restaurant: Nosh

Exotic dishes

17th January 2018
Restaurant: Kaiser

Good Kebabs

13th January 2018
Restaurant: Montego Bay

An Amazing Beach Shack

28th December 2017
Restaurant: La Plage

The King of Culinary Goa

27th December 2017
Restaurant: Fishermans Wharf

Lobster and the Yule tide spirit

25th December 2017
Restaurant: Yaki Zushi

Great Asian starters, rest avoidable

24th December 2017
Restaurant: Jardin D Ulysse

Exotica on a Tree House

24th December 2017
Restaurant: Toast and Tonic

Happy Interiors, Competent Food!

12th December 2017
Restaurant: Culina 44

Bengali Food at its Finest!

21st November 2017
Restaurant: Boteco

Brazil on a plate

12th November 2017
Restaurant: Hello Guppy

Amazing Experience!

10th November 2017
Restaurant: The Bowl Factory

Promising Asian Food

13th October 2017
Restaurant: Giri Manjas

OMG restaurant especially for seafood lovers!

1st October 2017
Restaurant: Shizusan

Pan Asian Delights!

17th September 2017
Restaurant: Luca

Bad News!

16th September 2017
Restaurant: Pirates of Grill

Tacomosa Festival at Pirates of the Grill: Interesting Play on Food

9th September 2017
Restaurant: Malaka Spice

Impeccable Food Experience

30th August 2017
Restaurant: Marathwada

Mutton Curry to die for

29th August 2017
Restaurant: Capital Kitchen

Independence Day at Taj Palace, Delhi: A bite of history!

13th August 2017
Restaurant: Gadh Kaleva

Basic Tribal Food

23rd July 2017
Restaurant: Koshe Kasha

Awesome Food

22nd July 2017
Restaurant: Paradise

Assam on a Thali

22nd July 2017
Restaurant: Kasturi

A wholesome meal.

21st July 2017
Restaurant: Neung Roi

The best Thai food can get !

16th July 2017
Restaurant: Thai Pavilion

A delicious Thai Street Food experience

15th July 2017
Restaurant: Greek Food & Beyond

Some Good Food, Some Below Par

1st July 2017
Restaurant: Kamaxi Leela Raikar Farms

A visit to a fish Heaven

30th June 2017
Restaurant: The Calcutta Club

Flavours of Kolkata

10th June 2017
Restaurant: China Kitchen

Peking Duck to Die For!

1st June 2017
Restaurant: Baris

Missing the Otttoman Flavours

30th May 2017
Restaurant: Sonabridge

Home food from China!

27th May 2017
Restaurant: Lamakaan

Memorable taste of home!

6th May 2017
Restaurant: Cafe Lungta

Disappointing Taste of Nepal

3rd May 2017
Restaurant: Wai Yu Mun Ching

Comfort Chinese

1st May 2017
Restaurant: Hahns Kitchen

Easily Gurgaon’s best Korean restaurant!

5th April 2017
Restaurant: Birdie Num Num

Underwhelming Food

11th March 2017
Restaurant: Coriander Leaf

Lovely Location; Some Good, Some Not So Good Food

11th February 2017
Restaurant: Capital Kitchen

Comfort Food with Style!

23rd December 2016
Restaurant: Daawat-e-Kashmir

Some great dishes, some almost there

13th October 2016
Restaurant: Taco Bell

An Indo-tex-mex experience

24th September 2016
Restaurant: Nostalgia

Truly Goan

31st August 2016
Restaurant: Malabar

It hasnt lost its charm

15th August 2016
Restaurant: Sakhi ki Rasoi

Robust, Hearty Curries

13th August 2016
Restaurant: Jai Hind Lunch Home

Great fish feast!

25th July 2016
Restaurant: Cafe Amaretto

La Dolce Vita

9th July 2016
Restaurant: Burma Burma

Great Vegetarian Food Experience

29th June 2016
Restaurant: Happy Hakka

Great Red Thai Curry, Rest Good and Bad

26th June 2016
Restaurant: Yum Yum Cha

Average Asian food

3rd June 2016
Restaurant: Café Khyber

Amazing fish tikkas

3rd June 2016
Restaurant: Plaza Restaurant

Great Surati Tawa Fry

1st June 2016
Restaurant: Pluck

Great Service, Green Buffet

25th May 2016
Restaurant: Sri Kaveris Family Restaurant

Real taste of Hyderabad

14th May 2016
Restaurant: Nalpakka

Great North Karnataka Vegetarian Home Food

13th May 2016
Restaurant: Chi Ni

Now with a great Lunch option

11th May 2016
Restaurant: Akshara

Unimpressive Andhra Food

7th May 2016
Restaurant: NRI Not Really Indian

Great Concept, Iffy Food

1st May 2016
Restaurant: Lima

Fantastic Food Experience

29th April 2016
Restaurant: Nanjing

Wonderful Chinese Fare

20th April 2016
Restaurant: Villa Vandre

Quaint, Interesting Experience

8th April 2016
Restaurant: Fresh Catch

Seafood Lovers’ Paradise

4th April 2016
Restaurant: Foodport

Promising, with some hiccups

3rd April 2016
Restaurant: Amravathi

Decent Andhra Fare

2nd April 2016
Restaurant: Obento

Asia in a box!

20th February 2016
Restaurant: Meat4U

Goat meat at its best!

20th February 2016
Restaurant: Zizo

Amazing and authentic Lebanese food

17th February 2016
Restaurant: Foozy

Finally! An exciting delivery menu with tasty food

14th February 2016
Restaurant: Nukkadwala

Great Concept, Food Lags Behind

3rd February 2016
Restaurant: The Spice Room

Mainstream Indian food, some good, some not

1st February 2016
Restaurant: Le Pain Quotidien

Healthy food

30th January 2016
Restaurant: Sandys Cocktails & Kitchen

Eclectic Menu, Enjoyable Cocktails

26th January 2016
Restaurant: Pizza Express

Interesting new additions to the menu

25th January 2016
Restaurant: Guls Kitchen

Taste of Awadh Home Kitchens

12th January 2016
Restaurant: Molecule Air Bar

Food drama, but not memorable

9th January 2016
Restaurant: The California Boulevard

Missing the mark

7th January 2016
Restaurant: The Project

Great Venue, Clichéd Food

2nd January 2016
Restaurant: Gecko

Cramped in season, though decent food

1st January 2016
Restaurant: Spice Goa

Best Hindu Goan Food in Goa served here

30th December 2015
Restaurant: Sakana

Yes, Japanese food can be inexpensive yet delicious

26th December 2015
Restaurant: The Black Sheep Bistro

Awesome cocktails and food

21st December 2015
Restaurant: Antares

High on hype, not so much on food

19th December 2015
Restaurant: The Bikers Cafe

For the bike riding beast inside you!

4th December 2015
Restaurant: Cafe Infinito

Average, Uninspiring Fare

26th November 2015
Restaurant: Pa Pa Ya

Adventurous Dining

24th November 2015
Restaurant: Thai Pavilion

Delightful Food

21st November 2015
Restaurant: Johnny Rockets Express

Juicy Burger Patty, Cramped Space

15th November 2015
Restaurant: Bernardos

An authentic slice of Goa now goes outdoor too

14th November 2015
Restaurant: Jamies Italian

Easily the best pasta in NCR

12th November 2015
Restaurant: Jamies Pizzeria

Great Pizza Crust, not-so-great starters

24th October 2015
Restaurant: Coastal Reef

Promising Southern Fare

24th October 2015
Restaurant: Fatty Bao

Noisy, Uncomfortable Interiors, Hit and Miss Food

24th October 2015
Restaurant: Sheela Restaurant & Bar

Friendly Neighbourhood Food

24th October 2015
Restaurant: Joets

Spectacular Beachfront Beauty

24th October 2015
Restaurant: Khyen Chyen

Call of the Valley

20th October 2015
Restaurant: Ethiopian Cultural Centre

Great Food

18th October 2015
Restaurant: Orangezeb

Hyderabad on a Platter

22nd September 2015
Restaurant: Qla

Plush Interiors, Excellent Plating, Inconsistent Food

20th September 2015
Restaurant: Indigo

A fine dine restaurant worth a visit

19th September 2015
Restaurant: Drift

Amazing Kashmiri Fare

18th September 2015
Restaurant: Sanchos Restaurant

Fantastic Authentic Mexican Food

26th August 2015
Restaurant: En

Great Sushi, Amazing View

22nd August 2015
Restaurant: City of Joy

Disappointing Bengla Ranna

11th August 2015
Restaurant: Nizam Club

Lunching with Royalty

9th August 2015
Restaurant: The Atara Cafe

For Foodies - Robust, wholesome food

8th August 2015
Restaurant: Shah Ghouse

Not as delicious as its hype

8th August 2015
Restaurant: La Vie

European Cafe

7th August 2015
Restaurant: Imbiss

A Porcoholic’s Dream Destination

18th July 2015
Restaurant: Coorg Cuisinette

What a letdown!

12th July 2015
Restaurant: Coringa

Good Andhra Food

12th July 2015
Restaurant: Farzi Cafe

A star comes of age

4th July 2015
Restaurant: Rred Hot Bistro

Some good, some Punjabi Thai food

1st July 2015
Restaurant: Maharashtra Sadan

Maharashtra on a Plate

29th June 2015
Restaurant: Rang De Basanti

Honest Food

28th June 2015
Restaurant: Rosang Soul Food

Delicious North eastern Fare

10th June 2015
Restaurant: Olive Bar and Kitchen

Summertime Delights

28th May 2015
Restaurant: The Bombay Canteen

No Big Deal

16th May 2015
Restaurant: The Sassy Spoon

Deliciously Sassy

15th May 2015
Restaurant: Royal China

India’s Best Chinese Cuisine

14th May 2015
Restaurant: Cafe Nemo

Quirky and Interesting

14th May 2015
Restaurant: Cafe Zoe

Beefy Pleasures

13th May 2015
Restaurant: Thai Pavilion

Thai Personalised

8th May 2015
Restaurant: Mangala Bar and Restaurant

Unforgettable Food

28th March 2015
Restaurant: K3

Fine Asian Cuisine

21st March 2015
Restaurant: Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Reaching its customers at Home and Office

14th March 2015
Restaurant: Indian Grill Room

Good Kababs

6th March 2015
Restaurant: Neung Roi

Amazing Food

3rd March 2015
Restaurant: Barrels

A Value Pub

1st March 2015
Restaurant: Schengen Deli-Bistro-Pub

Western Europe on a platter

22nd February 2015
Restaurant: The Liquor Warehouse

Good Food and some Interesting Cocktails

18th February 2015
Restaurant: Gung The Palace

Interesting Korean Experience

7th February 2015
Photographs by Shivendu Mittal
Restaurant: Indian Accent

India’s finest restaurant keeps getting better

3rd February 2015
Restaurant: Paranda

Promising Punjabi Food

1st February 2015
Restaurant: Yuvraj Saoji Bhojanalaya

Mutton Paradise

30th January 2015
Restaurant: Shradha Farsaan Samosewala

Aloo Poha at its finest

29th January 2015
Restaurant: Caffe Madhouse

Getting There

25th January 2015
Restaurant: The Hiatus

Delicious Innovative Food

19th January 2015
Restaurant: Nando’s

Chicken, chicken and more chicken

17th January 2015
Restaurant: O Coqueiro

Of curries, Goan sausages and Charles Sobhraj

15th January 2015
Restaurant: Ambika Sauji Khanavali

Divine Mutton Curry

15th January 2015
Restaurant: Thalassa

Amazing Location, Disappointing Food

14th January 2015
Restaurant: Harrys Bar & Cafe

More Food Options now

12th January 2015
Restaurant: Monkey Bar

Exciting Interiors, Unimpressive Food

3rd January 2015
Restaurant: The Atara Cafe

Chicken Soup for the Soul

28th December 2014
Restaurant: Pizza Express

Impressive food !

13th December 2014
Restaurant: The Ancient Barbeque

Almost there

10th December 2014
Restaurant: Amar Jyoti

World-ka-best winter lunch

4th December 2014
Restaurant: The Potbelly Rooftop

A Bihari High

29th November 2014
Restaurant: Indigo Delicatessen

Now a Delhi Deli

27th November 2014
Restaurant: Sonar Bangla

Average Bengali food

27th November 2014
Restaurant: Yauatcha

Disappointing reality behind the hype

27th November 2014
Restaurant: Basil & Thyme

Still amazing after all these years

24th November 2014
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