Aperitivo - Caffe Tonino
29th April 2015

Walk into Caffe Tonino’s relaxed ambiance with open spaces & enjoy the old world charm of Tuscan Italy, while it takes the Italian cuisine to the next level by adding an international flavor to it.  Apart from indulging in a fine selection of antipasti, wood-fired healthy Pizzas, mouth -watering homemade pastas and the delectable desserts, there’s a new addition to the menu that beats it all. It’s the Aperitivo!

Aperitivo is a North Italian tradition from the 1700s, quickly catching up in the social circles all over the world. It basically is, socializing over drinks and finger food at the end of a busy day. Caffe Tonino is the first restaurant to introduce the concept of Aperitivo in Delhi. Aperitivo is a concept where people go to cafes/bars, pay for the drink and get snacks from the kitchen on the house.

The name, Aperitivo, comes from the Latin word meaning “to open” and in Italian you still describe the effect of something appetizing – that sensation you get when you smell your favorite pizza in the wood fired oven – as something that literally “opens your stomach.” That’s the idea behind the Italian Aperitivo, a little something to encourage you to feel hungry, so you can wholeheartedly enjoy your meal.

"Facciamoci in Aperitivo" (Let's have an Aperitivo) is a common saying in Italy. It gives you a chance to socialize, share a few laughs and relax while smacking before dinner.

Caffe Tonino offers a wide range of Aperitivo Cocktails which includes Negroni, Bellini, Cosmo-Secco, Negroni Sbagliato, Kir Royal, Manhattan, The Bond Martini and the classic Spritz, garnished with a half slice of orange.


The caffe has a different offering everyday from the kitchen which includes marinated olives, peanuts, cashew nuts, platter of crostini, sandwiches, nachos, boiled egg with anchovies, cheese straws, chicken mortadella & more.

Address: Caffe Tonino, 1st Floor, PVR Plaza Building, H-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Contact Number: 011 23320081, 011 41528042

Timings: 8:30am -11:30pm


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