19th February 2015

Delhi, February 18, 2015: Welcome to the Kabab country with the most aromatic and delicious kababs – ie Kabab Garh. Barbeque Nation is playing host to a kabab festival where you will be transported back to the medieval times where the only stress was whether to have the non-vegetarian extravaganza or the delectable vegetarian platter. There are hosts waiting at the door dressed in their KababGarhi livery. Kabab Garh Shakahari, Diwan-e-Shakahari (for the vegetarian diners) and Kabab Garh Mansahari and Diwan-e-Manashari (for the non vegetarian diners) and Shan-e-Misthan and Diwan-e khas (Desserts) are a king’s spread laid out at Barbeque Nation’s 9 outlets in Delhi-NCR region (Connaught Place, Jangpura, Saket, Vasant Kunj, Pitampura, Janakpuri, Vivek Vihar, Noida and Gurgaon) between February 18 and March 8, 2015.


‘Kabab Garh – The Land of Kababs’ is a kabab festival that seeks to bring to the diners of India’s capital the finest kababs that the land has produced. The battle starts off when you enter the heart of the state of Kabab Garh. That is where they have lined up their chieftains to tempt you with their myriad flavours. On the green side, ie the vegetarian side, there is the delectable Chatpata Fruit Kebab, followed by the spicy Theekha Khumb. Then there is the sour but delicious Paneer Achari and the evergreen Hara Bhara Dum Kabab. In the non-vegetarian army, there’s the giant Bharwan Murg Tangri, flanked by the evergreen Haryali Murg Boti. Then there’s the hot and spicy Teen Mirchi Jheenga with the redoubtable Gilaafi Sheekh along with others from the delectable Kabab family.


              Bharwan Murg Tangari                             Teen Mirchi Jheenga


The Diwan-e-Shakahari main course for the vegetarian gourmands has such delectable items as the Akbari Paneer, the Badshahi Baingan or the Shahi Mattar Mushroom etc. The Diwan-e-Mansahari main course for the non-vegetarian diners equally has items as Murg Lababdaar, Mutton Shah Pasanda, Nizam Fish curry etc.

                                                  Paneer Achaari 

The last item with which you do your Bidaai is the sweet, delectable Shaan-e-Misthaan. There are beautiful items such as the Mumtaz Special, Shahi Khurma, Gulkand Phirnee, Khajur ki Barfee etc. 


With this Kabab festival, Barbeque Nation prepares to turn into an entertainment hotspot with its ambience transporting you to a romantic past. There will be a pair of durbans to greet you, the waiters will be dressed in livery, and there will even be a chance for the diners to get their photographs taken in cut-outs of the dress of yesteryears. There will be chance to show off your aim by throwing darts, a la mini-spears, and being designated the Sultan, the Warrior, Minister or even the Court Jester. There will be miniature paintings on the wall for sale and gongs and cymbals to show your appreciation of the festival by ringing them.   


Vikram Vikas Varma, Head – Marketing, Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd., says, “Kabab Garh is Barbeque Nation’s citadel.  It is our attempt to transform the whole dining experience for our diners – from taste, to feel, to sound, touch, smell and even to take back the memories of the meal you had there through photos or the paintings. Of course foremost among these are the taste of the dishes which have been crafted by our expert chefs. We have done our best to ensure not a single sense is left untouched by an unforgettable culinary experience.”


Chef Vijay Bakshi, Head – Culinary Operations, Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd., adds, “This special food festival menu offers a plethora of tastes from spicy to sour to sweet. The kabab preparations, complemented with the main courses and desserts are here to enable a wonderful barbeque experience to the guests. We look forward to cater to the tastes of our diners and take them through a wonderful romantic, culinary journey.”


Barbeque Nation is a pioneer in India to promote ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) cuisine with a concept of live on-the-table grill in India and is today the largest casual dining brand in the country. The restaurant offers a pre-fixed menu with a fixed price. The menu is drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental, Asian and Indian subcontinent.


Where: Barbeque Nation outlets - Connaught Place | Jangpura | Saket | Vasant Kunj | Pitampura | Janakpuri | Vivek Vihar | Noida | Gurgaon

Date: February 18th to March 8th, 2015

Average meal for two: Rs 1600

Timings: Lunch and Dinner hours

Phone: Delhi - 011 60600000/02 | Noida - 0120 6060000 | Gurgaon - 0124 6060000


About Barbeque Nation:

Barbeque Nation is one of the most successful casual dining restaurant chains in India. It is a pioneer to promote ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) cuisine with a concept of live on-the-table grill in India. With more than 39 outlets across the nation, it offers a blend of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian cuisines in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. 


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