Bundelkhandi Food Festival at Taj Diplomatic Enclave - 17th to 26th Nov 2017
15th November 2017





Indulge in the taste of Bundelkhand at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

~Experience traditional tastes inspired by the royal kitchens of Bundelkhand~


New Delhi, November 2017: Indian cuisine is plausibly the most varied food­ culture in the world. It is widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices and is known for its large assortment of dishes.

With all its exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue-tingling flavors, Indian cuisine is both exciting and intimidating. While we all often come across and taste popular cuisines widely available, there are hidden gems lying deep in the chambers of Indian glory and historical eras. As a pioneering spirit in hospitality, the TAJ always strives to bring lesser-known cuisines to the forefront. Continuing this legacy, Taj Diplomatic Enclave presents a specially curated Bundelkhandi Food Festival at its in-house Indian specialty restaurant- Masala Art.

The antiquated heritage of Bundelkhandi cuisine goes back to thousands of years and boasts of an assorted menu. These distinctive culinary delights are inspired by the indigenous tribes of Madhya Pradesh, Orchha, Jhansi and Datia. Termed as ‘tribal cuisine experiences’ the uniqueness of the taste of these dishes lies in their traditional style of preparation; use of raw materials and extensive consumption of different types of millets. Bundelkhandi cuisine traces its roots back to the Jain cuisine and one the specialties of the cuisine is its unique amalgam of wheat and milk with local culinary products. Bundelkhandi cuisine also extensively uses clay pot for the preparation of their food and the simple  fact that it is cooked on firewood gives it a unique flavor.


The tastes of Bundelkhand come alive this month at Masala Art at Taj Diplomatic Enclave. The exclusive 10-day food promotion presented by expert chefs from Bundelkhand region. Savour popular delicacies from the Bundelkhand region such as Bara, Meeda, Bundeli Kadhi, Maheri, Shikaar ghost, Bajre ki roti, Rass ki keer and Magadh ke ladoo amongst others.


Date: 17th – 26th November

Time: Lunch and Dinner

Price: Ala-carte

(Price for two- INR 5000)

Venue: Masala Art, Taj Diplomatic Enclave

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