Defence Colony is ‘Social’ once again
5th April 2015

Ahhhhh the “Def. Col.” market; an iconic spot with which Delhi has had an ongoing love affair! Built in the 60s, and known for its specialty restaurants and availability of ‘imported delicacies and cold cuts’, the market has also hosted legendary names like Moets, Swagath and Kents which evoke affectionate nostalgia. However, in recent years, everyone’s beloved ’Def. Col.’ has been a little out of sight and hence out of mind.

So here is the good news……

Def. Col. is Back!

We are thrilled to bits to present to you ‘Def. Col. Social’!

Social arrived on the scene in Delhi nine months ago, and has, may we say, stirred things up. Dilliwallahs got themselves their first collaborative workspace meets café meets bar (a space where you can work AND play/’your second place’). And Hauz Khas Village got its mojo back!  And now it’s time to stretch out a bit and spread the love. We are opening one more haunt  and it couldn’t have been at a better location!


Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants says, “In my college days, which was not so long ago, Def. Col. was the place to drive around, dress up and walk around and strut your stuff. Just being there was exciting enough. We are really happy to be a part of Def. Col.’s magic and its revival, by bringing Defence Colony its very own Social! It will be a space where minds collaborate and create, a ‘second place’, a relaxed neighborhood café/bar. We are really excited about our second home in Delhi. From the first Social in Bangalore a year ago, to Colaba Social via Hauz Khas Social, and now Def. Col. Social; the journey has been exhilarating and we’re not stopping anytime soon!”

Co-working is a revolution in working culture dedicated to openness, accessibility, and sustainability. It is a community of people sharing resources, as well as a space to meet and work. Social is a concept; an initiative; an idea. It provides a legit physical space for inspired minds to come together to work, to interact and to explore creative collaborations. Delhi is inundated with creative minds that love experimenting across various fields. Social seeks to provide a space to these very artistic souls where they can share their creative energies.


Hauz Khas Social has established itself as a platform where artists across all fields can explore and display their creativity. Somewhere between an office and a café, its floors are packed with entrepreneurs and freelancers every day. With countless creative people in the capital, here’s a second Social to work AND play out of.

Def. Col. Social, like its Hauz Khas sibling has a rustic chic feel. True to its design philosophy of minimal intervention and maximum up-cycling, the anti-design theme runs through the two floors complete with chipped walls exposing the underlying brickwork and much more. Like its cousins across the country, the newest Social also keeps it real. Spring bar chairs and hanging staircases will greet you in a space that’s effortlessly stylish with 100% recycled and up-cycled furniture juxtaposed with varied elements. Don't you love it when environmentally-aware comes with a healthy dose of hip? One can’t miss the building, with the marquee “Defence Colony” visible from almost anywhere in the hood!

Staying true to our agenda of delivering the unexpected, the food and drink menus at Def. Col. Social are quirky, deconstructed and just like the space, foster a culture of creative liberation. Social offers “fun-dining” comfort cafe grub that is satisfying and wholesome with its own distinctive touch. The food is simple, unpretentious and fun, presented in a quirky and unconventional fashion. 


The city is thriving with entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers, writers, designers, techies, consultants; it has become a creative hub of sorts. Social blends the best of the office within the ambiance of a café, a relaxed space to create and collaborate; to work AND play. And we’re bringing Social outposts to your neighbourhood soon!


Hours: 9 am to 1 am

Facebook: /SocialOffline

Instagram: @SocialOffline Twitter: @SocialOffline


Address: 28A, Defence Colony Market, New Delhi - 110024

Number: +91 7838520799, 011 46588445


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