Radisson Blu Plaza - Exclusive Masterclass for Gurgaon Foodie
4th April 2015

Recipe & pics courtesy : The Great Kebab Factory, Radisson Blu Paza, Delhi

On April 4th, 2015, at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, the members from Gurgaon Foodie Group gathered to celebrate the spirit of cooking with our Celebrity Chef Meraj Ul Haque as he unboxed his plethora of best kept secrets of the culinary world! The exclusive session was followed by the lunch cooked during the session paired with exquisite wine and beer. Guests were seen enjoying the hands-on class, as they cooked, while being supervised by the expert Chef. 

       Chef Meraj sharing his culinary acumen with the group

They discovered the secrets of most popular cuisines and learnt how to use various spices, oils and sauces. The event was overwhelming, as laughter were exchanged and the expert Chef was found answering the questions patiently and carefully. He adapted to the pace with the group and shared his acumen enthusiastically.

                                 Jotting down the secrets 


The dishes demonstrated were: 

• Biryani Demo 
• Soyabean Ki Shikhampuri Kabab
• Jaituni Tawa Paneer
• Sarsonwali Broccoli
• Kesari Raan – e- Murgh
• Karare Tawa Pomfret
• Husaini Boti Kabab

                  Delicious food and an amazing class !


Recipes :






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