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Restaurant: frsh.com
Reviewer: Anshu Jindal | 19th March 2015 | Reviewer Rating (Out of 5) 3.75

General feedback :

  1. Prompt delivery: The food came precisely at the ordered time. Had asked for delivery at 12:30 pm and it arrived promptly at 12:17 pm.
  2. Friendly ordering procedure: The website is very detailed and user friendly. Makes it easier to order the products.
  3. No delivery charges: If you select from the designated areas, no delivery charges and no minimum order quantities. For other areas they have the minimum order should be Rs 200
  4. I found the menu reasonably priced.
  5. As the name suggests, found all the items reasonably fresh.
  6. The packing was impeccable with each item properly marked and accompanying ones tagged along. 


I ordered Achari Paneer Sandwich (Rs 70), the filling was great. However, grilling it is not a very good idea since it gets soggy by the time delivery happens. They might want to switch to a non- grilled version. Paneer corn salad (Rs 70) was okay, nothing extraordinary. 


              Achari Paneer Sandwich                        Paneer Corn Salad

The stars were Nutty chicken salad (Rs 100), Dahi Bhalla (Rs 60) and Honey loops mousse (Rs 130). These tasted simply outstanding and each ingredient was carefully chosen and in the right quantity. Mousse was curd based with mild flavors and lot of fruits, looked like a great idea.


              Nutty Chicken Salad                                      Dahi Bhalla

The Vietnamese grilled chicken salad (Rs 130) was awesome with its fresh ingredients and light oriental taste. I have never had curd rice (Rs 120) taste so exciting – I loved every bite of it.


           Vietnamese Chicken Salad                               Curd Rice

Red sauce chicken pasta (Rs 100) and chicken tikka sub (Rs 110) somewhat paled in comparison. While the pasta sauce was too thick and did not capture the fresh tanginess of a tomato based sauce, the sub was disintegrating in the hands and the sauce was too rich to be enjoyable.


               Red chicken pasta                                    Chicken Sub

Clean sweep (Rs 90) drink was a tasty detox. Also ordered were Chiku Shake and Proteins Fruit and Nut Shake for drinks. Chiku shake was just about fine and even though protein shake was nice, could not establish the relation to proteins.


                   Clean sweep                                         Chiku Shake

Please note: This review was done on restaurant’s delivery of the food to the authors’ homes, and no bill was presented to the authors. The authors assure you of objectivity of the review.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Food: 3.5 | Packaging: 3.5 | Delivery Time: 4.0 | Value: 4.0 | Overall: 3.5

Meal for two: Rs.500 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: No | Wheel chair friendly: NA

URL Address: www.frsh.com

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