Arif Miyan ki Rasoi
Restaurant: K3
Reviewer: Shivendu Mittal | 28th August 2015 | Reviewer Rating (Out of 5) 4.00

I had the opportunity to be invited to JW Marriott at New Delhi Aerocity for an introduction to a new addition called Arif Miyan ki Rasoi to their restaurant K3 on a Friday evening a few days ago. Braving the Friday evening traffic, we reached Marriott with a lot of expectations. What we experienced in the next couple of hours, did justice to our expectations.

Something about the restaurant first. The K3 restaurant is unique in itself. It is what I call a 5 star food court. Under one huge roof, they house 3 different, and complete, cuisines - Italian, Chinese and North Indian. We were shown around the three different buffets laid out there and I have to say, each one was more appetising than the other.


For a sum of Rs 2200 you can have all three buffets, which, needless to say, are more than a tummy full. We tasted a few of the goodies on offer and most of them were top class.


           Grilled Duck                                          Amritsari Machchi

Finally we were shown the new addition - Arif Miyan ki Rasoi. Chef Arif, even though that name doesn't do justice to his personality (Arif Miyan does), is a man with limited qualification. But what he lacks in qualification, he more than makes up in experience and enthusiasm. As soon as we spoke to him, we could make out he was very keen on having us taste his creations, and I must add here that he was pretty confident that we'd like them. And as soon as the lids came off of the handis, the lovely aroma filled the air, and we were transported to the by lanes of Jama Masjid, fully air-conditioned.

                                         Chef Arif

We asked Arif Miyan to serve us a portion each of Dal Makhni, Quesar e Pukhtan (Paneer in a makhni pumpkin gravy) and Keema Kaleji. The first question, with a hint of disappointment, he had for us was, "Non veg nahin khayenge?" And to his relief we replied that we were just getting the vegetarian dishes out of the way for the hogging session to begin. The Dal was average, but the Paneer was pleasant on the tongue. The pumpkin added a unique flavour to the dish and it was a pleasant departure from the creamy, saucy shahi paneers that we are so used to.

                     Dal Makhni                                    Quesar e Pukhtan

The Keema Kaleji was also average and we were just about to doubt that this would end as another bland, made for expats, 5 star meal. Anyway, we had the Chicken Stew next and were immediately in Old Delhi. The taste was authentic, the spices optimum and the chicken cooked to perfection.

                    Keema Kaleji                                      Chicken Stew

And as soon we tasted the Mutton Nihari, a rainbow of flavours exploded in our mouths. This was one of the yummiest Niharis I have had in a long time. Arif Miyan was smiling from ear to ear to see us happy and when we went for the second helping, he said with pride that he knew we'd want more of it. We ended the meal with a long, hearty thank you to Arif Miyan, who was humble and proud at the same time.  


                    Mutton Nihari                                          Seviyan

There are surely some good dishes are to be tried here in this new addition 'Arif Miyan ki Rasoi' in K3.

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