Impressive 5 course Lunch
Restaurant: The Atara Cafe
Reviewer: Bhavna Kakar | 18th July 2015 | Reviewer Rating (Out of 5) 4.00

With inputs from Shivendu Mittal and Shefali Saxena. Photographs by Shivendu Mittal

We (admins Shefali, Shivendu and yours truly) had visited Atara for the Charity Potluck preparations and fine tuned details over a delicious tasting menu launched awhile ago at Atara Cafe. A review was long due so let me take you through the 5 course tasting-platter with inputs from the carnivores. 

One can choose their 5 courses from the set Veg & Non veg menus.

The entree was Fire Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup with Red Bell Pepper flavoured with wine and honey was near-perfect. Smoked Chicken Soup with Garlic n Chives crouton was light & delicious with smokiness coming through.

          Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup               Smoked Chicken Soup

Next came the Apple & Prawn salad, beautifully plated but could have tasted better if prawns were kept whole rather than chopping it finely also the apple to Prawn ratio could also be brought down. The sweetness of the Apple was overshadowing the flavour of the Prawns. The salad with Melon, Iceberg and Feta didn't quite hit home with me in the vegetarian selection although it was fresh and tangy but Rocket is definitely a better option with this combo.

                Apple & Prawn salad                         Watermelon & Feta salad

Prawn Panacea skewers wrapped with bacon were excellent. The Mutton Galaouti had the right texture but the masalas somewhat overpowered the mutton taste, would be good if masalas are toned down just a bit according to Shivendu.

           Prawn Panacea skewers                                Mutton Galaouti

 Marinated thin strips of Zucchini rolled with ricotta and pinenuts were melt in the mouth perfection. Then came the Broccoli and Pinenut Kebab - a shallow fried kebab made served with cilanthro dip. The masalas were overpowering in this innovative dish so I wasn't too sure what to make of the flavor, tasty nevertheless.

         Zucchini with ricotta & pinenuts                Brocolli & Pinenut Kebab

In the main course, Thai Basil chicken mince was much appreciated ( especially by Shefali) and was with the right amount of sauces. Bhuna Gosht, mutton cooked on the griddle with fresh tomatoes,onion flavoured was well-made and is known to be one of the best dishes at Atara.

                 Thai Basil chicken                               Bhuna Ghosht

Daal Makhni was delicious although it had a bit of sweet tinge to it which wasn't to my taste. The Ker Sangri - Puri in the veg main course was the highlight for the vegetarians ( Read, only me). It was so delightful that I ordered it for the family and was met with murmurs of approval by all.

                           Ker Sangri - Puri

The desserts included Mango phirnee and Date Cigar, an innovative dessert with Sesame dates rolled in pastry sheet, fried and served with Vanilla icecream. The cigars were just delicious.

                              Date Cigar with Icecream

Overall, a must-visit place for a wonderful, leisurely lunch in quiet surroundings.


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