Lives upto its name.. Luxury Cuisine
Reviewer: Manjula Dhiman | 14th February 2015 | Reviewer Rating (Out of 5) 3.75

On Valentines Eve me and a couple of friends planned to go out for a dinner. Since the occasion called for it, we wanted to go to a cosy little place with soothing ambience. K & K came highly recommended. However, I had just came back from Hyderabad and had had an OD of Indian Cuisine, so wasn’t really keen. But went along as the other friends were quite insistent..

K&K (Kebabs & Kurries) is one of the signature fine dine (luxury, if I may use the word) restaurants of WelcomHotel chains. For all practical purposes, you can treat it as a “true replica” of Bukhara (pun intended) The one that we went to is in Sector 10, Dwarka, Delhi.  I was bowled over by the place the moment I set my eyes on it.

Ambience: 4/5 –

Entrance to the small restaurant is lit by like hundreds of candles on both sides of the small ramp that you walk to access the main dining area. Lighting those every evening before patrons walk in, must be quite a feat.. The ramp is actually over a small water body with cute little fish swimming away to glory. All in all, this lends the place a lovely charming ambience.

Service: 4/5 –

Service was at its best. Attentive, with a smile, well informed. But then, its ITC restaurant right.. you can’t expect anything less.

Food: 4/5 –

Upon being seated, we were offered a non-alcoholic welcome drink (medley of a few juices), which was refreshing.

On the server’s recommendation we ordered a bottle of white wine and later had a round of cocktails. The white wine was good and the cocktails were gorgeous.. My cocktail was champagne with peach schnapps and it was heavenly..

                                  Champagne cocktail

For starters, we ordered, Non Veg platter (not available on menu, but available when asked) which had mutton seekh kebab, murgh shami, and machli tikka. The fish was good – flaky and well marinated. Murgh shami were really melt in mouth, just like mentioned in their menu. Seekh Kebab was good too.

        Non Veg Platter - Murgh Shami, Fish tikka, Seekh Kebab

On the table, you also have 4 kinds of accompaniments – mint chutney, chilli chutney (wasn’t hot despite being chilli chutney), papaya (pickled and delicious) and garlic (cloves). We totally loved the papaya one.. must must try (have had a similar one, but less flavoursome in comparison at Punjab Grill)

Main course was Tali Subz Machli, Burrhani Gosht and Daal Bukhara (of course… a meal at any signature ITC hotel would not be complete without it). The Mutton and Daal were impressive and I was totally floored by it. The Fish wasn’t too great and could be given a miss. In breads, we ordered Warqi Paratha and Naan-e-bahkumaach. Both were great.

                      Tali Sabz Machli, Burrhani gosht

While ordering main course, we had already decided on the Desserts (Zauq-e-shahi and Shan-e-Aam), but by the time we were through with main course, we were just soo full and satiated that we could not. May be the next time.

                                         Dal Bukhara

We paid Rs. 13K (incl. of taxes) for 3 people. This was bumped up a bit, coz of the wine bottle that we ordered. It is expensive, for sure, but then its all about the experience and the food. I will definitely go visit again and try other delicacies too.

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K & K - WelcomHotel Dwarka  K & K - WelcomHotel Dwarka
WelcomHotel Dwarka, Plot 3, District Centre, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi
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Opening Hours: 7:30 PM to 11:45 PM
Average Price: Rs. 1500 - 2000