Spectacular Beachfront Beauty
Restaurant: Joets
Reviewer: Aalok Wadhwa | 24th October 2015 | Reviewer Rating (Out of 5) 4.00

Please note: The review was anonymously done after paying for the meal.

I have to fly into Goa for a conference. My good friend Bunny Suraiya insists that I must go and eat at Joet’s. Since her food judgment is never off the mark, I do find the occasion on my way back, when I visit Joet’s for an early lunch.

When I reach Joet’s, it is an OMG moment. The restaurant is a shack on the beach. I forget that I have a flight to catch. I forget everything, and chill out sitting alone facing the beach and sipping my coconut feni.

Sometime later, sanity is restored, probably because my glass of feni is over and I quickly order my meal. As a starter I choose Chonak (Barramundi) Fry (Rs 300). The dish arrives some time later, but I do not mind waiting, captivated by the natural beauty around. The batter of the fish is soggy and not really sticking to the fish. So I do the obvious thing – strip off the batter and enjoy the flaky fish.

                                          Chonak Fry

For the main course I have ordered Pork Vindaloo (Rs 250) with Chapati (Rs 30), instead of rice, to stay awake and alert during my flight back. The highlight here are the simple, beautifully cooked chapatis which would make any dish taste good. The vindaloo is good though I would have liked more substantial and more cooked pieces of pork in it.

                Pork Vindaloo                                               Chapati

I end the meal with the traditional Goan dessert, Bebinca (Rs 90) which is not moist enough to enjoy.


The food here may not be the best you will find in Goa, but the setting surely is, leaving overhyped places like Thalassa way behind. A must visit when in Goa!

Ratings (Out of 5)                                         

Food: 3.0 | Ambience: 5.0 | Service: 4.0 | Value: 4.0 | Overall: 4.0

Meal for two: Rs.1000 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes | Wheel chair friendly: Yes

Address: Bogmalo Beach, Goa. Tel: +91 832 2538036


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