Gurgaon Foodie Editorial Guidelines for Reviewers

All Gurgaon Foodie members are invited to contribute here. Please email your review to

Here are some guidelines to help you write:

• Ratings:
Ratings are given on four counts: Food, Ambeince, Service and Value For Money. Their average constitutes the restaurant ratings.

a. A rating of 5.0 (best in India) is given ONLY IF the meal is perfect in a perfect ambience and with perfect service. In your opinion is the best in India, and is generally regarded by others in other review websites like Travelocity as well as other blogs also as exceptionally good. One of the admins ideally should be accompanying the reviewer for such a meal, or provision is made for double checking. This rating is given very very rarely.
b. A rating of 4.5 (Excellent) is given if the meal is perfect in a great ambience and with great service. Even one dish that is less than perfect will drop the score.
c. A rating of 4.0 (Great) is given if the meal is great in a great ambience and with great service.
d. A rating of 3.5(Good) is given if the meal is great.
e. A rating of 3.0(Recommended) is given if the meal is good.
f. A rating of 2.5(Average) is given if the meal is nothing memorable but is tasty.
g. Below 2.5 is given for bad experiences given the extent of bad experience had.

Even if you have been invited by a restaurant/PR agency, you need to let them know that the review will be unbiased. Any copy-paste from a press release is not allowed. Any undue praise of the restaurant again is prohibited, as is giving too much information (branches etc.). We are known as a fair, unbiased and not-for-profit institution, and it is most important for our reviews to look fair and balanced.

Kindly use present tense or past tense – but use it consistently.

Please ensure enough care so that the editors do not have to reedit or rewrite the article.

Photographs to accompany the article. Try getting a picture of each dish along with few on the ambience and interiors. We need size of only 300KB post edit. Either take picture in natural light or use flash if you are using point and shoot camera.

Please send text and pictures as an attachment on email only till our workbench is ready.

Please name all the pictures as the dish name instead of default names.

The reviews can be anything from 250 words to 800 words.

There needs to be ideally five dishes or more to be tasted: one veg starter, one non-veg starter, one veg main dish, one non-veg, and one dessert.

Photographs: for each dish there needs to be one photo plus one of interiors and one of signage. So a minimum of 7 photographs per review.

You’ll have to write about your experience and evaluate the entire experience. If your experience was riddled with both pros and cons, make sure you list both to provide readers with an accurate, well-rounded review. If the experience was good, great but in case it wasn’t, don’t hesitate to say so. Listing specifically what you ordered will help validate your opinions. Most restaurant-goers will appreciate specific recommendations and whether or not you loved or hated the food. Readers will be more interested and find your review helpful if it describes the food – “the tandoori chicken was melt-in-the-mouth tender and succulent…”Also sprinkle your write-up with a few adjectives.