Rampuri Food Fest - Masala Art, Hotel Taj Palace
8th May 2017





This May, Taj Palace, New Delhi brings back the culinary legacy of the bygone era with The Rampuri Food Festival at Masala Art. Entice yourselves into a majestic experience with traditional culinary arts, prepared by the last of the Khansamas, Chef Bhoora and Chef Mehfooz. The senior, home grown Chefs have traveled all the way from Rampur to showcase their mastery for the 10-day long food festival from 5th May 2017 - 14th May 2017.




Our Gurgaon Foodie Admin, Shivendu Mittal attended a special preview and this is what he has to say -

There is a very unique food festival going on in the capital at this moment and I had the opportunity to taste this lessor known cuisine at Masala Art, last week. Rampuri cuisine is very similar to the Lucknowi cuisine, but is different in its spice levels. It can be called a spicy cousin of the famous Awadhi/Lucknowi cuisine. I didn’t get to taste all that was on offer, but what all I tried was brilliant.

The Gosht Taar Korma had a korma gravy, a little more robust than the Awadhi korma and the mutton was very well cooked, almost wilting under the pressure of cutlery. The biryani was not as subtle as the Awadhi kind and had some more spices. The mutton was falling off the bone again. The kacche gosht ki tikki was mind blowing, a perfect amalgamation of masalas and meat. The texture reminded me of chapli kebab, but the masalas used here were different.

I tried 3 kinds of desserts and was impressed with all. The adrak and sabzi halwas (you read it right) were hot and sweet and I was very fascinated by the ingredients like ginger and lauki used in the 2 dishes. Rampuri Gulathi was some kind of phirni like dairy based dessert and involved boiling the milk for long durations. This was good too. Unfortunately, my appetite ran out and I could not taste more of these lovely dishes, but from what I tasted, combined with the famous Taj hospitality, and you have a not to be missed experience waiting for you.


Details : 

   A La Carte | Approx INR 2500++ for 2 people

  Cuisines: Indian, Rampuri

  05 May 2017 - 14 May 2017 | All Days | Timings: Lunch & Dinner

  +91  11  66503588-3668,   Tphmasalaart.Del@tajhotels.com

  Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi - 110 021, India

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