Amrood and Broccoli Cutlets
Cuisine: North Indian

Amrood and Broccoli Cutlets

. Raw Guava 2 medium sized (de seeded) (grate it)
2. Broccoli half of a medium size. (u can grate or finely chop)
3. Green Chilly medium sized 4 in nos.
4. Ginger (as per ur taste)
5. Roasted peanuts 15-17 in nos (roast on non stick pan and grind them) 
6. Brown Bread Crumbs (I had grinded normal brown bread 3 in nos. with roasted peanut). Also pls remove its corners.
7. 1 tsp garam masala (amend as per ur taste)
8. 1 tsp red chilly powder (amend as per ur taste)
9. Salt to taste
10. Semolina (Suji) for coating


1. Mix all ingredients and make cutlets in any shape (round, oval, heart shaped).

2. Coat well in suji(semolina).

3. Deep fry or roast on a non-stick pan. Can also brush with oil and bake in a non-stick or OTG.

4. Serve with Mint chutney

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