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Restaurant: Daikichi
Reviewer: Aalok Wadhwa | 3rd July 2018 | Reviewer Rating (Out of 5) 3.50

The review was anonymously done after paying for the meal.

Daikichi in Japanese means “excellent luck”. It is a small eatery popular with the Japanese expats living in the city for its simple, healthy fare. I had first come to this 8-year-old restaurant some years back for some amazing ramen that would haunt me in my dreams and that is the reason for me to be back, anticipating another ramen treat.

We start the meal with some excellent Pork Gyoza (Rs 370). Gyoza are dumplings filled with ground meat and wrapped in a thin dough. Also known as pot stickers, gyoza originated in China, but have become a very popular dish in Japan. What makes them an amazing treat is the crispy base with a moist meaty interior.


Next comes the dish I have come here for – Chashu (Pork Belly) Ramen (Rs 590). The bowl consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat broth, flavored with miso, with the toppings of sliced pork belly, dried seaweed, and green onions. Alas the ramen bowl disappoints. The broth is missing its customary intensity and the pork belly comes from pigs who have been trying to lose weight. A separate dish of sliced Chashu (Rs 420) also is too lean to be enjoyed.


We end the lunch with a bento style Fried Croquettes Meal (Rs 630) which has tempura style fried fish and prawns and a potato croquette served with some rice and miso soup. The soup is excellent, and the croquettes are tasty.


Visit this place if you are looking for a different culinary experience. The food is light and healthy and ideal for a quick working day lunch.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Food: 3.5 | Ambience: 3.5 | Service: 3.5 | Value: 3.5 | Overall: 3.5

Meal for two: Rs 2000 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes | Wheel chair friendly: No

Address: UGF - 02, JMD Regent Arcade, M.G. Road, Gurgaon 122001. Tel: 0124 407 2727

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Daikichi Daikichi
UGF - 02, JMD Regent Arcade, M.G. Road, Gurgaon 122001
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Cuisine: Japanese
Average Price: Rs. 2000 - 2500